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The Matrix defines them, to define us, to define you. Example:

y = n => K = r
o = u => K = u
u = ll => K = le

Is it any wonder that some Democrat Congressmen's vigilante rule on your life tracks back to their years with the vigilante KKK that hung black men by pure Matrix definitional process**... If you want help finding out how to build your own Matrix and destroy their Vigilante Matrix that violates your jurisdiction, just click help on the left above. End the rape of citizens, end the politician lead lynchings, just because you are married, own an SUV or a gun. But remember with care, The Matrix owns them too....

but not us*:


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** 2/27/02

Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., the famous former Ku Klux Klansman, complained today, "There's no end in sight in our mission in Afghanistan."

---- Comments: Yes, of course, who would have guessed he would define a protest around the "US" war on terror, paralleling AlQaeda's very sentiments. He only needed to pick that out from the classic structure of the Matrix's definitions.

For additional info on where the Matrix may come from (we believe the definitions Matrix has been imposed by intimidation and threat of death, nuclear war from dictatorships, that is) at The Final Phase. As it is today, we hope our very own President is consciously aware of the Matrix. Pray for President Bush and America, the Matrix has us. America wake up, the Matrix Vigilante has you Internet Publication for Real Americans
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